Lie-Størmer Colloquium

Scope and Participants

Lie-Størmer Colloquium 2022: Between Theoretical and Computational Mathematics 

Computation is the fundament of modern science. Its successes stretch from pure and applied mathematics all the way to the mathematical sciences. In fact, the focus on computation is transforming the way modern pure mathematics is evolving. On the other hand, mathematical abstractions and ideas from pure mathematics yield crucial new insights into the structure of computational algorithms and the foundations of numerical computations and physical simulations. These developments result from tight cooperation between pure and computational mathematics. In this meeting, organized by Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard, Hans Munthe-Kaas, and Cordian Riener,  we will unite experts to report in a series of 14 talks on new developments, and to exchange and discuss ideas around fundamental structures of mathematical computations.

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