Lie-Størmer Colloquium


Complexity of computing complex zeros of structured polynomial systems                                             

What does universal mean? What is its scope? And how does it relate to undecidability?

Tantalizing patterns of closed curves on surfaces which became theorems

Dynamic programming and Hopf algebras                                                                                                  

Orthogonal systems that recover invariants on the real line                                             

Algorithms on very large graphs

Good locally testable codes

An open conjecture on colliding permutations

Post-Lie algebras and affine connections                                  

Deep learning from the perspective of optimal control, stable numerical methods for ODEs and group equivariance

Forest formulas and the  Magnus operator                                                                                                                                       

The Value of Errors in Proofs (a fascinating journey from Turing's 1936 seminal R ≠ RE to the 2020 breakthrough of MIP* = RE)

Gathering chestnuts of math related to fluid motion

An introduction to graph limits